Even the Most Reticent Domestic Manufacturers Increasingly Understand the Appeal of China

While us manufacturing operations are more productive and efficient than ever before, costs are still much higher than most business leaders would like. In some cases, a sufficient upfront investment can equip a domestic manufacturing facility with enough automated equipment to overcome costs of labor that remain notably high by global standards. In others, a longtime focus on improving efficiency might allow a domestic manufacturer to stay afloat even as competitors lessen their own costs steadily. In many more, however, it will make excellent sense for companies based in the United States to see how china manufacturers might be able to help. By seeking out and relying on the right partners, the process can be made much easier and simpler than might be assumed.

Among the many domestic companies that have so far remained on the sidelines, something of a distorted view of what it takes to move forward is often in evidence. Years back, pioneers at moving manufacturing overseas sometimes reported mixed results, with the distances involved alone often contributing to an efficiency-sapping loss of control. Since then, however, far more reliable and streamlined means of working with China-based manufacturers have been developed. As a result, even American companies that have so far resisted the urge to see about moving production overseas will often discover that interesting opportunities await.

What it typically takes to enable these kinds of results is a measure of expertise and skill that only a truly experienced party can offer. While there are still plenty of pitfalls awaiting those who move in without sufficient preparation and planning, others who make sure the necessary groundwork is in place can almost be assured of success. In practice, the process of transitioning to China-based manufacturing operations can be made essentially routine in a great many cases.

While few companies will be prepared to reduce and master the complexities involved in this way on their own, those who seek out the right kind of assistance will rarely run into problems. Because of this, companies for whom no clear way of staying competitive on the domestic front presents itself quite frequently find that making productive use of all that manufacturers in China have to offer turns out to be easier than might have been thought.

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